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When it comes to DJing, the obvious quickly comes to mind. Most people are aware of the importance of controllers and turntables, mixers and scratching skills.
However, if you ask people what the 20 most important aspects of DJing are, almost no one would think to include DJ lights on the list. Crazy thoughts about it.
DJing can be both a visual art and a sound art. After all, when you go to a club or a party, you can’t see “DJ”, just press “play” on the music player. Yes, part of it has to do with the impulsive experience, but it also has to do with the fact that the crowd can visually see the DJ perform.
So you can certainly imagine that if it’s important for an audience to see one person spinning multiple records, then lots of dancing DJ lights in different colors should be a must.
Below, we’ve covered a few options for setting up high-quality DJ lighting, as well as the best types of DJ lighting to look out for and tricks you can use with them.
ADJ Inni Spot Pro is a moving spotlight. Moving head DJ lights are one of the most efficient DJ lights to bring a light atmosphere to DJ performances. When used in groups, these lights give a wonderful and outstanding effect, especially when synchronized with music via a DMX controller.
One of the great things about this model is that the Inni Spot Pro is actually one of the most affordable moving headlights on the market today.
This DJ light runs on six rotating boards, giving it a wide range of motion and flexibility. The ADJ Inni Spot Pro allows you to pan up to 540 degrees and tilt up to 270 degrees.
The 8-color single point design also includes additional effects such as strobe, shutter, prism illumination, ripple and dither.
Moving lights are much more expensive than other DJ lights, which can be a problem for consumers on a budget.
There is no doubt that, apart from laser beams, flashes are one of the most effective ways to fire up a party.
Seriously, if you manage to get them to move to the beat of the club, you can pretty much get lost in what’s going on, taking the show to the next level and beyond. The point is, like so many other things, if you’re not using a quality product, it won’t work as well.
The Shocker panel includes four separate and discrete control areas that take what is normally a standard lighting feature (strobe) and take it to a whole new level of uniqueness.
This is possible thanks to the Shocker’s heavy duty LED DJ lights, which provide a frame-by-frame strobe effect to further enhance your audience’s visual experience without clogging them with the same standard beats as strobe lights. DJ is not careful, know the light.
Even if you are not a technologist or light programming guru, you can still use the Shocker panel. In addition to the more practical DMX hard control method, it also has several preset sequences. However, things like the chase and wingman/master sequences are done without your direct involvement, which means you can actually have fun.
Finally, the Shocker panel is also virtually indestructible, as its die-cast body was designed for intense parties and events in clubs and bars.
If you can’t get multiple laser sets due to money or the potential frustration that will come with them working with each other, U’King Laser DJ lights might be worth a try.
This lighting setup has 5 independent beams, which means you can do just about everything with one device.
Available in laser red, blue, green, cyan and yellow, U’King Laser gives you creative freedom to create impressive lighting visuals. Even if you’re not particularly creative, you can still put on a great show.
There are over 100 different pre-programmed modes and no less than 300 different effects and graphics, which means you can make your show varied and fresh, no matter how long it lasts.
U’King has 4 different modes, from sound-based activation and automatic movement without your input, to DMX mode with deep and comprehensive laser control options, to Master/Slave mode, which mainly consists of a laser. .
There is one fairly obvious downside to a DJ lighting setup, and that is that it has a very noisy motor. Ideally, you’ll want to use it during the quieter periods of your performance when not much is going on. If it’s done there, you can be sure your sound will stay great, your audience will be captivated by the DJ lights, and you won’t have to worry about the engine running too hard.
Don’t worry if the three options above don’t work for you. There are still many great options for the best DJ lighting on the market.
First on our list of impressive lighting fixtures is the Chauvet DJ PAR Can Wash Light. This setup works the same way an artist works with a canvas. Here they use darker base lighting, usually set with a PAR setting. So Chauvet PAR offers all these features and more.
The Chauvet PAR includes programmable and non-programmable features to match just about any style or setup you want, no matter the style or color. If you don’t like software-loaded DMX setup, you can choose automatic or voice functions, both of which are completely out of your control.
After all, the Chauvet PAR is a slim, compact and high quality DJ light that you can take with you wherever you go. Wherever you take it, the device always proves to be a necessary and useful option.
A particularly powerful and compelling visual centerpiece, ADJ Starburst can almost instantly up the ante for any show. The ADJ Starburst immerses the audience in a myriad of changing colors and stunning patterns and is one of the most reliable and preferred devices a DJ can use.
The ADJ Starburst is made up of 34 super-bright DJ beams that perform just like you would expect from a digital mirror ball. By programming certain sequences using the 5 different LED colors of the device, you can instantly turn your standard DJ performance into an intergalactic party.
Ultimately, however, the standout feature of the device should be the light-to-dark dimming feature. This allows you to create ultra-smooth transitions of lighting from light to dark. What’s more, it can be used in combination with other features, which means you can play with people’s visuals while the DJ lights dance together. This is a really great feature on a great device.
Last on our list is Aoollit DJ Lights. A great option for those interested in moonflower style setups, Aoollit DJ lights can be used to play on the dance floor and create some truly fantastic visual scenes.
Created with 30-watt RGB lighting, Aoellit can transform the walls and floors of a standard room into something mesmerizing. There they can deploy hundreds of different display modes and sequences, remote control and be completely independent of “DMX” settings.
Aoollit lamps are available in many different lighting technologies and styles. For example, if you are not interested in writing a specific and custom mode, you can use the automatic mode or sound activation method. Aoellit fixtures even include a master/slave mode where the DJ lights follow one another in a relatively simple pattern.
With laser and strobe capabilities, the DJ light is very compact and easy to take with you wherever you go or outdoors.
Now that we’ve had a chance to find out what’s ideal for DJ lighting, we’ll spend some time looking into some common DJ lighting products. After all, there are many more options for DJ lighting than the five listed, and any one of these different types of techniques can dramatically change the way you create your show.
Electric DJ lights are a great way to create a completely immersive visual experience for your audience. Simply attach multiple lights to various fixtures (tripods, stage stands, etc.) and use the DJ’s electric lighting to react in real time to the rhythm of the music.
Depending on the type of lights you have, this may mean that they can rotate, tilt, pan, or perform a variety of other dynamic movements that enhance the quality of your show.
If the DJ lights are set to sound-based activation (more on that later), they don’t need to be programmed directly, but they can be linked to the rhythm of your music.
Effect lighting is a fairly broad category, and depending on the nature of the lighting effect itself, it can mean a lot. They can be used to create incredible dance floor shows, mostly from moonlight. These different lighting effects create dazzling displays and vary greatly depending on their design.
This type of lighting can be used as a way to complement an existing lighting setup, or as a way to add a bit of brightness to a boring performance display.
One of the most famous elements of club lighting, the laser works almost as you might expect. like a laser. However, instead of death rays, laser beams emit concentrated beams of ultra-fine DJ light.
While not that impressive on its own, when combined with a smoke machine, it allows for laser visualization and also extends to the entire venue.
No, the laser may not be the most important lighting option, but it immediately became one of the most visible and well-known lighting options. Other lighting visuals might look cooler, but everyone knows the party starts when the lasers show up.
The big disadvantage of lasers is that they are expensive and you really need to know how to use them properly.
The last on the list is the stroboscope. Just like lasers, strobe lights are known to instantly get people up and happy with their lives if done right.
Using a high power xenon lamp or heavy duty LED bulbs, the flash can emit intense pulses of DJ light that can turn an ordinary place into something completely different. Especially when juxtaposing stroboscopic pulses with beats, it’s almost impossible not to get lost in the rhythm and flow.
Now that we’ve had a chance to discuss the various options when it comes to acquiring or choosing the best DJ light for you, it’s important to understand how you will control and manipulate that light while DJing.

Post time: Aug-19-2022