11 bathroom remodeling tips to maximize your return on investment

An outdated bathtub, leaking pipes, yellowed grout – this is how the day begins and ends – no one ever talks about it. If there’s one room in the house that appreciates that new-ish gleam, it’s the bathroom, which is why bathroom remodeling tends to offer a high return on investment.
However, if your goal is to get the most out of your Renault, it’s a good idea to think strategically before planning a demo day. Here are tips from the experts.
“One of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to ROI is renovation,” says Sarabet Asaf Sout, home expert at Fixr.com, a renovation resource site. Her tip: Check for renovations nearby (try checking out the latest sales at Zillow or Redfin). For example, refurbishment in high-end premises may include a freestanding bathtub and underfloor heating. “If you put these things in a non-luxury setting, someone might be happy to find them, but they are not necessarily willing to pay more for them,” she said.
In general, spending on cosmetic improvements will be more profitable than bowel repairs, especially if you plan to move in the near future. According to Zillow, mid-range bathroom renovations can generate $1.71 in revenue for every $1 spent, especially if the bathroom is over 25 years old. Such upgrades may include upgrades to plumbing, tiles and lighting.
If budget is an issue, think twice before deciding to redecorate a room. “The best option is when you don’t have to move water pipes, sewers and circuits to move lights or outlets,” says Dean Turner, owner and CEO of Evolution Design Build in Reston, Virginia. The same configuration is called “One tug and one change, this will be the most cost effective.”
Shannon Cadwell of Anthony Wilder Design/Build of John’s Cottage, Maryland, says more and more homeowners are replacing the tub in the master bathroom with a large, high-tech multi-head shower. “If there are small children or pets in the family, they still want to put a bathtub somewhere in the house,” she said, “but beyond that, we see that most bathtubs are turned off.”
According to a 2022 Houzz survey of bathroom trends, 51% of homeowners opted for simple Shaker-style cabinet fronts, followed by modern slab styles that appealed to 27% of homeowners. Turner is a proponent of the vanity style with built-in drawers underneath that tend to hold more storage than a single door. For countertops, Kadwell recommends an easy-to-clean hard surface material such as quartz.
If the toilet already looks less than original, it will look even worse when everything else is new. Consider switching to a longer bowl model, which has a slimmer profile and makes it easier to clean the floor around the toilet.
“Tile is the driving force behind the overall bathroom aesthetic, and people tend to love marble, especially in master bathrooms,” says Nadia Subaran of Aidan Design in Silver Spring, Maryland. You don’t care about sealing and maintaining it. Turner recommends sealing marble tiles at least twice a year. As an alternative, Asaff South recommends simple porcelain options such as basket weave patterns or penny tiles. “It has a similar classic appeal, and if you like to mop the floor, it’s easy to care for.”
When it comes to tile, one of the cheapest things you can do to add value to your bathroom is upgrade your grout, says Skylar Olsen, chief economist at Zillow. Caveat: Turner says it’s important to follow the instructions below when reapplying grout, and if it’s in the shower, the space should dry completely for 48 hours before starting. Also, don’t try to use the mortar pen in the shower. “They’re not wet,” he says, adding that these pens are great for a quick touch-up behind a chest of drawers or on baseboards, but they’re not meant to be a permanent fix. “If you start down this path, you will continue to reapply.”
In a room where you have to look at yourself in a mirror, good lighting can make or break an image. Outdated fixtures, such as the mirrored linear sconces that were popular in the 1970s and 1980s, are no problem for potential buyers and should be replaced with side lights, suggests John Martinek, partner at Modern Roots Design Build in Iowa City. “When you’re shaving or putting on makeup, you want the light to come from the side because it illuminates your face better and removes shadows from overhead lighting.”
Experts almost always say that homeowners prefer spa colors in the bathroom, such as light gray and blue. “White is still the most popular color in bathrooms, but it tends to look a bit edgy, so people can add bright colors, whether it’s accent tiles or just wall color, to give it a bit of character,” he said. “Caldwell,” Er said.
Replacing cabinet hardware with new knobs and knobs is an easy way to give your dressing table a new look. Just make sure they complement or match with plumbing fixtures. Nickel, oil-brushed bronze, and matte black remain popular choices, although brass—painted or unpainted—adds warmth. All the designers we spoke to said that mixing metals is fine as long as you get the right balance: “Some people make the mistake of overusing one finish,” says Subaran. If you’re unsure, it’s best to choose the same finish for all hardware and fixtures.
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Post time: Oct-31-2022