XMLITE was invited to participate in the standard compilation of

From September 13th to 14th, 2021, the first meeting of the standard compilation of "General Specification Parameters of Performing Arts Lamps" was successfully held in Guangzhou Baiyun Lakeside Hotel. Expert teachers and 15 standard drafting units jointly participated in the discussion. Guangzhou XMLITE Equipment Co., Ltd.  participated in this meeting as one of the standard editing units.


China Performing Arts Equipment Technology, standardization Technical Committee of China Performing Arts Equipment Technology Association Director Mr.Yu Jian delivered speeches separately.China Performing Arts Equipment Technology Association Lighting Professional Committee director professor Mr. Liu Dean gave a detailed explanation of the preliminary overview of "General Specification and Parameter Labeling of Performing Arts Lights".The meeting reported and discussed details of standard preparation work and standard framework formulation.


"General Specifications of Performing Arts Lights" drafted in accordance with the rules given in reference to GB/T 1.1-2020.At this stage, there is no more reasonable and standardized standard for the general specification of performance lamps and lanterns in China.In the standard field, the general specification parameter marking of performing arts lamps belongs to the central position,If there is no standard for the general specification of performance lights, the importance and function of other standards cannot be proved or analyzed dialectically.Regardless of all walks of life, all enterprises to carry out standardization work are closely related to the standardization of product specifications and parameters.


China Performing Arts Equipment Technology Association Chairman Mr.Zhu Xincun introduced: “Cultural equipment is one of several major categories of the country’s overall equipment manufacturing system deployed in the country’s strategy of building a cultural power and manufacturing power,Performing arts equipment is an important part of national cultural equipment.As an important professional category of performing arts equipment, lighting has gone through several stages, such as'follow the run','parallel run' and'leader run', and the development momentum is relatively good.However, at the same time, there are phenomena such as irregular product naming and chaotic market competition. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate specifications and parameter labels that are widely recognized by the industry. “

After heated discussions and demonstrations, the drafting unit and the majority of colleagues are full of confidence in the implementation of the standard, and hope that the standard can be introduced and implemented as soon as possible to promote the sound development of the industry!As a leading professional stage lighting equipment provider in China, XMLITE is honored to participate in the drafting and formulation of this standard. Thank you for your long-term support and affirmation.


Post time: Jan-25-2022