Stage lighting debugging tutorial on how to set the lights

First of all, we know that stage lighting can be divided into theater stage lighting and TV program lighting, and the characteristics are that it requires objective natural light effects, as well as the authenticity and rationality of multi-point light effects. Therefore, when setting the light source, the mutual adjustment between the recording equipment and the light source should also be fully considered, so as to achieve the characteristics of harmony and unity. In this way, the audience can feel the natural picture.

In this way, the follow spot light is turned on to match the stage effect, so that the actor’s performance is more clear. The performance is smoother. Therefore, stage lighting is particularly important. And what kind of color light is also divided into stage lighting, as well as the design principles and lighting skills of film and television lighting. Only reasonable operation can achieve the expected effect. It is impossible to show the adjustment of the light only through words. Due to the different requirements of the scene, the light and shade of the stage lighting and the adjustment of the color need to be changed at any time according to the actual requirements, rather than a constant layer.

Especially large-scale stage performances, as well as variety shows and other programs, have stricter requirements for stage lighting. In general, the basic requirement of stage lighting configuration is to meet the needs of performances such as musicals, ballets, dramas, and local dramas, so as to meet the standards of stage performances.

Post time: Sep-21-2022