Fastest Driving Conference of the Year: NADA 2023!

        The annual meeting of NADA (National Association of Automobile Dealers) is the event of the year in the automotive industry! NADA 2023 in Dallas, Texas continued this trend with leading companies in the industry showcasing their latest products, services and cutting-edge technologies! MarketScale’s Grant Harrell, host of the transportation and mobility video podcast series Are We There?, decided to test drive the 2023 NADA and it was sold!
        Is this where we are? The special edition features top 20 NADA 2023 companies, including leaders such as CARFAX, Edmunds, FLO, KeyTrak, DAS, RouteOne, Dealerware, DriveCentric, Westlake Financial and more! As a challenge, companies were asked to share what they care about the most in 60 seconds or less!
        Edmunds, your trusted car buying guide. Nick Gorton, director of innovation at Edmunds, said the company is launching a new wholesale business for dealers looking to get more merchandise. They have a closed loop system that offers the best value in the industry and gives you bonuses!
        FLO is an electrification company creating a seamless network of easy-to-use electric vehicle charging stations and a complete portfolio of reliable solutions designed to keep you moving! Their CMO Chris Thorson unveiled a reliable EV charger with 98 percent uptime. They just announced with GM to deploy up to 40,000 chargers in the US as part of their GM program.
        Marketscan specializes in retail solutions for dealerships serving various verticals in the automotive sector. Chief Strategy Adviser Steve Smythe explained that the company helps keep track of vehicle codes, tax and registration details and more to make the most accurate payments in the country!
        RYTEC specializes in high quality, high performance, high speed company doors. Chris Leary, vice president of sales, and Josh Moffitt, regional sales manager, said the company is implementing what it calls a “smart factory” to ensure products are produced correctly and on time, and a “smart environment” to ensure safety.
        Broadway Equipment Company is a third generation family business with over 40 years experience in the car wash industry. President and owner Harry Schlieter, who represented the company at NADA 2023, said the company is now launching an automatic car cleaning and polishing machine!
        CARFAX is an international car history provider dedicated to making the used car market more transparent and our roads safer around the world! Executive Editor Patrick Olson told MarketScale that the company is looking for dealer partners and working with them to bring more customers to their service centers!
        Digital Air Strike (DAS) is a leading customer engagement technology partner, helping more than 7,700 companies take advantage of the digital environment and social media. MarketScale met with co-founder and CEO Alexi Venneri, who said in celebration of its growth, the company is working with more than 78 retailers to help them embrace the digital and social media landscape even more.
        DriveCentric is a company committed to providing a software ecosystem designed simply to help companies get better every day! We caught up with lead evangelist Steve Ressler, who says companies are using video to create personalized and customized customer experiences. Video is the new “digital handshake,” he says, and salespeople need to start selling better with a personal touch, and video helps with that!
        KeyTrak electronic key management systems help organizations around the world manage their keys, assets and employees. Aaron Burton, US Regional Sales Manager, told MarketScale about their new mobile app that can drop a pin in a parking lot to find the car’s last location, hand over a key to save time, and provide a QR code to log into their system, allowing you can get things quickly and easily!
        Hireology takes the manual and offline stages of recruiting and hiring and puts it all in one easy to use platform! They help companies attract and hire the best teams and quickly integrate them into other parts of the organization. Hireology co-founder Adam Robinson spoke to MarketScale and shared that the company is giving the automotive industry a way to really make it easier to hire dealers!
        RouteOne is at the center of the most significant transformation in the auto finance industry, continuing to focus on meeting today’s consumer technology expectations for the car buying experience. Product director Amanda George said they are working with digital retailers to give dealers the ability to invite consumers.
        SONNY’S is a one-stop shop for all your car wash needs, from consulting and branding to equipment and parts. This is the company that makes car washing easy! SONNY VP Brian Hage details the company’s new car wash system for retailers and dealerships to maximize their votes!
        Westlake is the largest privately held financial company in the US and is growing every year. Westlake is a member of the Hankey group of companies with subsidiaries and subsidiaries such as Westlake Portfolio Management, Westlake Flooring, Wilshire Consumer Credit, Western Funding and Westlake Capital Finance. MarketScale spoke with David Goff, Corporate VP of Marketing, who discussed with dealers the full spectrum of Westlake funding, lead generation and more at NADA 2023!
        Sherrod Customs is a custom truck sales company that sells them exclusively to dealerships. They sell all brands of trucks, from Chevy and Ford to GMC and RAM. General Manager Bill Martineau showed off one of his custom products, the LZ1, an incredible custom car, the Eclipse, their best seller, and various mods and custom upgrades!
        REPAY guides business in the ever-changing world of payments by providing innovative and reliable technology. Spencer Horrocks, VP of Sales, tells us about their Dealer Accounts Payable Automation System, specifically designed to help dealers save time and money and pay suppliers more efficiently!
        Dealerware provides dealers with customized pricing and affordable financial reporting to start, manage and succeed with paid rentals! MarketScale caught up with Laurie Tennant, VP of Sales and Marketing, and she shared how the company really makes it easy for resellers to connect with the customers they want to do business with!
        Hunter Engineering is a world leader in alignment, wheel and tire service, ADAS testing and calibration equipment. Pete Libetro, the company’s vice president of marketing, told MarketScale that the company is bringing new wheel alignment tools, automatic control and a wide range of Hunter balancers and tire changers to the automotive industry.
        Gubagoo is a leader in communication solutions for automotive dealers. Their main mission is to provide a better experience for car consumers by making their interaction with dealerships more convenient and efficient. Marketing Director Molly Meyer shared a new setup product that allows customers to start the car buying process online and stop at any point to pick up where they left off, along with their Partner payment system.
        Orbee provides car dealerships with digital marketing solutions that keep up with the latest consumer and technology trends. CMO Chris Vasquez shows us the company’s new platform that helps centralize data and document customer experiences.
        Bendpak is the company that ensures that every car lift or workshop equipment meets the exacting standards. The process by which they do this is complex, but ultimately results in better quality and value, resulting in a better car service equipment buying experience for their customers. Digital Media Manager Dave Wiedershall gave MarketScale an extensive and exciting presentation of the company’s latest equipment!
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